Our Pastor

Pastor Daniel Georges

Pastor Daniel Georges, was born in Haiti. He is the founder and the president of the Full Gospel Bible Church, which was formerly known as the Haitian Congregational Bible Church. He is fluent in three languages, Haitian Creole, French and English, in which the Lord uses him to preach the Gospel. The Lord has anointed him, and called him to preach the Gospel, and he has been preaching the Gospel since 1972. He started preaching the Gospel in Haiti and soon after the Lord opened doors for him to preach the Gospel in other countrys. In 1985 he was able to preach the Gospel in Canada, the United States in 1986 and on July 1990 in Jamaica. On August 1990 The Lord made a way for him to move to the United States, and he has been preaching the Gospel in the United States ever since. He loves Jesus, and had dedicated his life to helping others get to know his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.