Relief efforts after hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew was Category 5 hurricane that struck southwestern Haiti near Les Anglais on October 4, 2016, leaving widespread damage. This made it the strongest storm to hit the nation since Hurricane Cleo in 1964, and the third strongest Haitian landfall on record. Hurricane-force winds – 119 km/h (74 mph) or greater – affected about 1.125 million people in the country. The destructive effects of Hurricane Matthew left about 12.9% of Haiti’s population – 1.4 million people – in need of humanitarian assistance,of whom about 40% were children.It was the largest disaster in the country since the 2010 earthquake.

2 years after the disaster their is still a lot of hardship. We are planning a volunteer trip in Summer of 2019 and are looking for volunteers and donations.

What hardships did Haitians face because of Hurricane Matthew?

  • Food — A large portion of Haiti’s food is produced in the south where the damage was most severe. Hurricane Matthew destroyed many crops as they were coming close to harvest.Food security and malnutrition, especially among children, were already a concern. In some of the storm-affected areas, about 30 percent of children show signs of stunting, which indicates long-term hunger.World Vision was helping to make good progress in areas like children’s nutrition after the drought in 2015, and 2016 had been a good year for crops.
  • Water and sanitation — Families without clean water and sanitation are at high risk of cholera and other diseases related to dirty water, which are especially dangerous for children. Clean water is a chronic issue in Haiti. World Vision has been doing some innovative work to address water issues in Haiti. Our work has completely eradicated cholera in many communities, prompting village leaders in surrounding areas to seek our help in their communities, too.
  • Shelter, health, education — Shelter was a big need. Shelter kits with tarps and tie-downs, along with hygiene and household goods, helped families to stay in place until roofing materials and other necessities could be provided.

How can I help children and families in Haiti?

  1. Pray –  for children and families affected by poverty and recurring disasters in Haiti.
  2. Give – . Your gift will help provide emergency food aid, agricultural support, clean water, medicine, and other essential care to children and families.
  3. Volunteer – If you are looking to make a impact on the lives of the people affected by Herricane Matthew? Here’s your big chance! Please contact us to discuss Volunteer opportunities.

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